The development course of In die tapping unit

The development course of In die tapping unit

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William mould international co., LTD is the earliest development mould tapping machine manufacturers, one of the following is according to their own development, describes the development of mould tapping machine.

Abroad, r&d and production as far back as the late 1970 s, such as France, Germany, Italy, there are products available. Mould tapping technique has been very common, especially in the automotive, electronics, household appliances and other fields. This use of technology, production efficiency to obtain enhances multiple, so is widely used in foreign countries. Each tapping technology mature gradually after 2005, by tapping the principle, technical capabilities and service level difference, the mould tapping vendors would have possession of market share and industry also has a certain difference.

The development course of mould tapping machine is outlined

Mould industry in our country is in a stage of rapid development and the development of mould industry has gradually become a measure of manufacturing level of important symbol. Investigate its main reason lies in the modern industrial products used in the mold design as much as 60% - 60%, especially in the field of automobile, electronics, electrical appliances. And molding manufacture with high precision, high complexity, high uniformity and high efficiency etc. The incomparable virtues than the other processing methods. Although China's mold industry has maintained good growth momentum, but the mould still must rely on imports of high-end market, especially for some of the larger automotive covering parts molds, some require ultra-high precision molds and multi-functional composite die. And mould tapping technology is a kind of multifunctional composite mould, because the mould tapping effectively to avoid secondary operation, improves the working efficiency, thoroughly changed the metal stamping parts processing technology, the technology content high mould has become the main development direction of the domestic mould industry.

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