Injection Molding

Injection Molding

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Our plastic injection moulds and injection molded parts are widely used in auto accessories, electronics, household appliances, medical devices and computer displays fields.

Our main overseas markets are Europe, America, Japan, South Asia, the Mid East and Latin America. Currently we have built long-term business cooperation with more than 50 companies in more than 20 countries. Our company offers a lower-cost plastic injection molding service with a wide range of high-precision injection molding machines, ranging from 28 tons to 850 tons. We are equipped with more than 30 mold making machines, including CNC machines, Digital-control EMDs and EWCs for injection mould making fabrication. As well as over 40 Digital-controlled plastic injection moulding machines for injection molded parts production.

We are capable of providing a full range of service from product design & manufacturing to assembly & worldwide fast delivery.

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