Our mold productranges from single cavity molds and prototype molds to large multi-cavity hot runner injection molds and stamping molds。

In order to precisely process and manufacture molds, we equipped ourselves with a ... equipments, including CNC machines,EDM , Wire cutting machines anddrilling machines.)

Our professional model-making tools are used for

More material/color parts needing more shot molding or insert molding

Small and micro parts with very close tolerances

We not only offer the molds, but also provide plastic injections molds and metal stamping die mold maintenance service and necessary spare parts. With advanced equipments and rich experience, we are right here to meet your need for high quality molds and competitive prices.

Mould material and hot runner supplier

Our advantage is to produce better and leave more out products. We have a clamping force range from 5 tons to 850 tons of injection machine and a couple of punching machines. With years of professional experience, our injection molding masters can take control of the temperature, injection pressure and speed according to the properties of resin and plastic molding parts. Precise die stamping speed can reach up to 800 times per minute.

Our producing capacity wins us a broad market.

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